Translation services

Translation services

We provide next English / Italian / French / Finnish translation services:

  • different levels and volume text translation including wide variety of fields;
  • manual translation ;
  • translation of correspondence (business, friendly);
  • translation of articles from newspapers, magazines, Internet-articles;
  • translation of documents without legalization;
  • website translation (text and interface);
  • literary translation;
  • proofreading and editing;
  • transcription of audio and video recordings

The most of information we receive is in text format. That’s why correctly written or translated text is extremely important. News, letters, contracts, literature, technical stuff – everything is in text and the way the text is written or translated will influence on its further comprehension. A translator need to have a good language style, to be able to express his thoughts beautifully, to built phrase and sentences in the other language correctly. The translation is much more difficult than interpreting, so it requires more time.

The advantage of translation is, of course, translator’s possession of all the material needed (dictionaries, reference books, etc), which an interpreter doesn’t have. A translator works under less pressure than interpreter. It’s important to remember, due to specific features of a language there can be a difference in the amount of text between source language and target language (the Russian language often appears to be in bigger amount).

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