Interpreting services

Interpreting services

We provide English / Italian sequential translation in Gomel and other Belorussian cities. Interpreting services include:

  • interpreting at the conferences, seminars, briefings, presentations, exhibitions with a small amount of participants;
  • guide-interpreter services during the excursions, tours, trips abroad or welcoming guests of our city/ country;
  • phone conversions interpreting;
  • training interpreting;
  • interpreting when training staff using new equipment

Interpreting services could be needed anywhere: at the conference, presentation, negotiations, on a trip abroad, when speaking on the phone, during friendly conversation at dinner or when doing sightseeing. It should always be considered that when interpreting a human factor, the personality of interpreter, his memory, wit, intelligence are vital factors.

There are two types of interpreting: simultaneous and sequential. Simultaneous type needs special equipment and several interpreters. Simultaneous interpreters usually work at huge international events, meetings, conferences. Sequential type is performed by one person, translating the phrase after its logical end. One of the greatest advantages of this type of interpreting is its mobility. An interpreter can be at any place you need. This is a very effective kind of translation as it allows to make a dialog (on the contrary to simultaneous translation). We are happy to provide you with English / Italian sequential translation wherever and whenever you need.

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