Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs

What kinds of files do you accept?

We work with all widespread file types. For documents we can use – doc, pdf, djvu, xls, docx, also we accept archives .rar, .txt, .wpd, или.zip. For audio or video files there are – mp3, avi, flac, mp4, mpeg4, mkv, records from the mobiles are not accepted for low quality(more details in chapter - services).

How is confidentiality of information is performed?

The condition of confidentiality is usually written in contract with the Client. If the Client would like, it’s possible to sign additional agreement of confidentiality with a translator, who will work on the project.

How could I make sure that a translator will make a quality translation?

Before ordering a translation, you will personally meet with a translator. During such meetings everything becomes clear. You are welcome to ask for documents, which prove his qualification, if it is still not enough, a translator can show the recommendations of the Clients.

How is the price of the whole translation made?

The price first of all depends on amount of pages of target language text. The cost is counted according to symbols of target language text (always). One page contains 1800 symbols, including spaces (to count yourself – use menu “Service”, submenu “Statistics” in Microsoft Word). Besides the amount of pages and symbols, the complexity of proofing and editing is also considered: illustrations in the text, tables, text inside tables and illustrations. Literary and specific field proofing and editing are not additionally paid, as it is a part of our job – to provide you with translation completed. Don’t forget urgent translations are more expensive.

What do terms of translation depend on?

First of all it depends on amount and complexity of the material. As a rule we need 2-4 days to translate small amounts (15 pages and less). We are ready to translate up to 100 pages a week, but you should consider the order of other Clients. If you think, you’ll need a translation soon, it’s better to order one in advance. When you need to translate a bi amount of text the prepayment is necessary.

Do you provide interpreter services, if my meeting is just for 30 minutes?

Yes, sure. The interpreting is performed with the same quality regardless of the mass of work.

If there are numbers in the texts are they considered as symbols too?

Numbers are the same as other symbols

When translating into foreign language, symbols of what language are counted?

Always target language text.

Is it possible to know the price of translation previously?

The exact price is impossible to know. Only an approximate one.

What is the easiest way to give you the documents and how to take them back?

You can do it any way, which you prefer: to send by e-mal or you can come to our office. The ready translation can be sent to you by e-mail/ usual mail or you can come to our office.

I’m a translator, can I work as a freelance with you?

Send us your CV, do a test translation and if everything is fine, you can start working. All the translations to be made you’ll receive by e-mail with approximate price of the task.

Is it true, when translating from one language into the other, the volume of text can increase?

Yes, that happens, when, for example, translating from English to Russian, the text volume increases. But when translating from Enlish into Russian the volume of an English text decreases.

In what languages can I write you to order a translation?

In all languages from our list. English, Russian, Italian, French and Finnish.

Will a translator look through the materials I send before the translation?

Yes, we’ll study all the materials thoroughly to provide you with the high quality translation.

I would like to study a language, but I work in shifts/ go on business trips a lot, is flexible timetable possible?

Sure. Timetable is built according to your possibilities.

How old should a child be to begin study language with you?

As soon as a child is able to reproduce the words in his language correctly (not under 3 y.o). Reading in foreign language begins only after a child has been taught to read in his native language.

Do you use free (machine) translation?

No. It’s not professional. There is no need of translator for machine translation. Anybody can do it without wasting our time.

What are my chances to learn the language if languages aren’t really “my subject”/ if I’m slow in languages?

There are no slow or incapable. Of course, each person needs a certain period of time to study, for some people this period is long and for others this period is short, as in any other activity. The main things are desire, motivation, diligence.

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